About Us

Dollar for dollar Florida Lithium produces the best LifeP04 batteries, period.

When we set out to build Florida Lithium LLC we decided early on that honesty was and still is the best policy.

Our lithium batteries are not built or (totally) designed in the USA. Our batteries like almost every other Lithium battery sold in this country are built in China. China, like it or not, has the world's largest reserves of lithium which is the main ingredient in Lithium batteries.

I (Mike Prelec) have been dealing with Chinese manufacturers for almost thirty years and I know how they operate. Finding a quality minded supplier is very difficult and we sifted through many potential suppliers before we settled on the two we now have.

Our venture has taken over two years and a significant financial investment to ensure production quality, and to establish our reliable vendors. Our suppliers are building our batteries to our specifications and we hold them to the highest standard.

We have no intent on trying to dazzle our customers with technical data that even the most educated consumer will not understand nor do they need to. The main concern should be “are they safe and will they preform as advertised?”


Florida Lithium Founders Michael L. Prelec Sr, and Ben Dyon. (from left to right)

The first question that we are asked is cost, how much are they?

The only honest answer is “Lithium batteries ain’t cheap.” Quality and reliability comes at a cost. There are a lot of significantly more expensive batteries on the market, and a few less expensive, but we truly believe that dollar for dollar Florida Lithium produces the best LifeP04 batteries, period.

Field Testing

Our field testing staff is comprised of three Florida professional fisherman all of which compete in different tournament trails. It’s always concerning to us when we ask a person who fishes for a living to become a guinea pig, a failure could cost them a great deal of money and humiliation. The different fishing environments that professionals face on a daily basis can take a toll on a normal lead/acid battery let alone lithium. Pounding waves, extreme cold, boiling heat, and strong current all have to dealt into the battery design.

When someone asks me what is the main number one drawback to lithium vs lead/acid it’s Cold temperature, Lithium batteries absolutely do no like extreme cold (below 38 degrees F).

Lithium CCA rating....... No such thing, Li batteries should be rated at Cranking Amps Not Cold Cranking Amps, Lithium batteries absolutely do not like a cold environment and will absolutely not preform as well as lead/acid batteries in a cold environment.

I have studied many online sellers that talk about their battery blankets that warm the battery. Keep in mind that the battery warming circuit only operates when the battery is connected to an A/C source (110 volt outlet).

We really do not recommend that fisherman try to use Lithium batteries if they fish primarily in a very cold environment (up north) Ice fishing is not a good place to use lithium.

Most lithium batteries are far happier to preform when the temperature is between 40 and 120 degrees Fahrenheit so if you anticipate using them in that range go for it!

What can you expect from our Florida lithium batteries?

  • BMS protection (Battery Management System) which provides protection for under and over voltage. Battery automatically shuts down at 11 volts and will not allow over 14.8 volts during charging.
  • Protects from over-drawing or over-charging the battery.
  • Light weight - at least 50% lighter than lead/acid batteries.
  • Longer cycle life — 2000 to 5000 cycles vs 200 to 500 for lead/acid.
  • Better boat performance - if you swap three Lithium batteries for three lead/acid batteries in you boat it’s like getting rid of one passenger, around 150 lbs lighter.
  • Quicker charging — you can charge our Li batteries with a charger or alternator up to 100 amps but we recommend not going over 50 amps for a normal charge (less heat). If your boat is equipped with an on-board charger that doesn’t exceed 14.6 volts by all means use it, no need to buy a new charger.
  • All day performance without the loss of power, some of our customers brag about fishing at least two days on a single charge.
  • Water tight construction — built to IP 66 water and dust spray specifications.

Have additional questions?

Send us an email at hello@floridalithium.com.